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After leaving university with a First Class Honours degree in broadcasting, complete with BBC TV Training courses in Portable Single Camera Direction and Live Studio Direction, I started my media career with BBC Northern Ireland in 1995, directing and producing two series for the Religion Unit before working on lifestyle series for Waddell Media. During my time managing projects for Northern Ireland Screen I produced the Digital Film Archive (still going strong at multiple public sites across the region). In London from 2000, I joined Handheld History as Senior Editor, dramatising London's history for audio, before moving to Channel 4 as a Multimedia Development Producer.

I returned to Northern Ireland in 2006 to develop for Wild Rover Productions, co-developing a wide variety of commissions such as Take The Money And Run (ABC) and Secret Fortune (BBC), and spearheading the company's experimentation into multimedia with

In 2009 I became Head of Development at Ulysses Films, steering the company into new platforms with commissions such as twenty films on Titanic for Tourism Ireland, and being the Executive Producer for two drama series in the Irish language for BBC Northern Ireland. 

During my doctoral studies I worked part-time, devising and producing the Ulster-Scots Interactive Heritage Trail for Lagan Media Productions.

In the last couple of Covid-infused years my background in TV production has been rather handy. With forced closure for 18 months in 2020-2021, we shifted our offering from in situ concerts to live streaming behind doors concerts. Turns out live streaming is just as stressful as live TV!

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